Gerard Le Claire

(15th July 1965 - 14th January 2001)

Gerard was born and raised in Jersey. His love for the natural world was evident throughout his early career as a journalist first for Channel TV, then BBC Natural History Unit. In 1990 he took a break from journalism, to study and work as a marine environmental consultant. He joined the United Nations in 1993 and during his time there he proudly served as part of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Co-ordination (UNDAC) team in missions across the globe. These missions, which included operations in Rwanda following the genocide, made a profound impression on Gerard.

In January 1996 he returned to Jersey to take up the post of Director of the States of Jersey's Environmental Services Unit. However, he maintained his links with UNDAC, serving for six weeks a year on environmental and humanitarian disasters across the globe. It was on such a mission in Mongolia in January 2001 that he tragically lost his life.

Gerard is remembered by family, friends, colleagues and even strangers for his boundless enthusiasm and dedication to everything he approached. He worked tirelessly to further environmental issues in the island he loved. As one kind person wrote immediately after his death "in Gerard's short time on earth he made a difference." We hope that with this Trust, which has been set up not just in his memory, but in celebration of Gerard's life, we will be able to continue in our small way to make a difference too.

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