Sarah Le Claire (appointed 1 November 2001), Chair

Sarah is an environmentalist with a background in coastal and marine resource management. Sarah and Gerard met in 1995 when she was working on criteria for the sustainable development of Jersey's coast for her MSc thesis. They were married in October 2000. Sarah is now Senior Environmental Officer within the States of Jersey's Environment Department and is an associate member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


John Boothman (appointed 1 November 2001)

John was born in London but has lived and worked in Jersey for the past 30 years. Until 2002 he was Managing Director of Deutsche Bank International Limited, where he helped to arrange the funding for the Trust's highly successful Funky Junk project. Since leaving the bank he has taken on a number of business and voluntary roles, and remains committed to environmental issues - a commitment which he insists is not lessened by his enthusiasm for old cars!


Chris Bright (appointed 1 November 2001)

Chris is Editor of the Jersey Evening Post,  a post he has held since 1994.  Chris was born in Jersey and educated at Hautlieu before beginning a long career in journalism with the Jersey Evening Post. He is a member of the Society of Editors.

Glen Rankinne (appointed 1 November 2001)

Local businessman and close friend of Gerard.


Donna Le Merrec (appointed 1 November 2001)

Donna has a background in the Civil Service, largely in human relations and latterly in the Tourism department where she went 'back to her tourism roots' having worked for airline companies in her early career. Her role includes developing initiatives to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of the Island's environmental riches including the very successful green lanes scheme and cycling networks.


Brian Coutanche FCA (appointed 1 November 2001), Treasurer

Brian is a management consultant with interests in strategy, IT enabled business transformation and organisational change management. Brian and Gerard became firm friends while working on a review of Policies and Procedures for the Jersey Overseas Aid Committee.  Brian also sits on Oxfam UK's Trustee Audit and Finance Group.


Nigel Querée (appointed 15 June 2003)

Nigel is a former Senator in the States of Jersey elected on a broad environmental platform. As President of the Planning and Environment Committee he introduced the Island Plan.


Mike Stentiford (appointed 1 Nov 2001, retired 15 Jan 2003)

Mike is a well known naturalist who has done much to stimulate interest in the rich wildlife of the Island of Jersey.

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