Funded Projects

Funds donated or raised through the Trust's activities are used to support a wide range of projects and initiatives that meet the Trust's objectives. To date, these have fallen into three main categories: 

  • Practical projects
  • Awareness-raising
  • Monitoring and research

We have also run a special appeal:

Gyabaree Appeal

At the end of 2003 the trust was asked to launch an appeal to help rebuild a school in Darjeeling, India that had been destroyed by a mudslide, which killed 26 people. Thanks to the generosity of Jersey's community, the school was successfully opened in May 2004.


Practical projects include:

Natterer’s Bat Boxes

Summer roost boxes for the Natterer’s Bat, a rare species of bat in Jersey.

Tree Planting

Tree-planting at Belcroute headland.

Aluminium Can Banks for Schools

Part of an Island-wide initiative to reduce waste


Awareness-raising initiatives include:

Living on the Edge

Contribution to a film about Jersey's south-east coast by locally resident award-winning film maker Sue Daly.  This film was dedicated to Gerard.

Funky Junk

‘Funky Junk’ (supported by Deutsche Bank) addressing environmental issues through art with Clare Paisley. We were very proud to be part of this £12k project. Clare reached almost 1,500 primary school children across five of the Channel Islands, giving talks about global and local environmental issues. She then honed in on waste and recycling. The children were encouraged to think about the waste they produced in the home and what they could reduce, re-use and recycle. They used the rubbish they brought in from home to make rainforest or local animals, using traditional craft techniques, i.e. no glue or sellotape. You can see the results of this incredible project on line at

Click here for more information on Funky Junk

Jersey’s South East Coast

Information leaflet and film about the Island’s amazing south-east coast. Gerard pioneered the process to designate this area as a wetland of international importance, under the United Nations’ Ramsar Convention.

Funded Projects

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