To enable people to advance a range of policies and practices that sustain the environmental riches of the Island of Jersey (Channel Islands) and our planet for the benefit of this and future generations.


  • to promote the enhancement, protection and conservation of the environment;
  • to increase public knowledge and understanding of the environment and of the inter-relationship between mankind and the environment generally;
  • to promote and encourage the enhancement, protection and conservation of biodiversity, and in particular the biodiversity of Jersey;
  • to provide and encourage the provision of relief to the victims of environmental disasters, whether natural or caused by human activities;
  • to reduce the impact of environmental disasters;
  • to raise funds in support of these objectives.


The types of activities envisaged that the Trust would like to support to meet these aims, include, but are not limited to:
  • An annual ‘Gerard Le Claire Lecture’.
  • Practical environmental projects.
  • Young people who wish to undertake surveys and studies of benefit to Jersey.
  • Actions for improving disaster preparedness.
  • Other tasks, not included in the above, which the Trustees believe to be of importance to the Island.
Aims and Objectives

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